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Do I have to bring my own equipment?

You can borrow mats for free in all of our studios. Our rooftop sessions as well as the classes at Stadtpark are held outdoor. Please bring your own mat for these classes. If you prefer to use your own mat anyway, you are of course always welcome to take it with you. Otherwise, almost all of our classes* take place barefoot, so you only need sportswear that you feel comfortable in, preferably a water bottle and maybe a towel if you want to shower after class.

* For PIIT you can optionally take sports shoes with you


Can I change on site and take a shower after class?

There are cloakrooms and showers in all of our studios, so you can always change your clothes on site and freshen up after your class.


Do I have to sign up or can I stop by spontaneously?

You are always welcome to stop by spontaneously, but we cannot guarantee a free spot if the class is already fully booked. To be on the safe side better book the class online first.


How about being late?

In the studios we close the door at the beginning of each class, after that we often don't hear you at all and can therefore not open anyone. In our online classes we have to pause the workout if someone asks to join after the session has started. Out of respect for the other participants, we therefore ask you to be on time for the online classes as well.


Can I pay for a class on site?

Yes, but only in cash and if you have the exact amoung, please. We usually don't have any change in the studios. 


Do I need a certain fitness level or previous knowledge for your classes?

We want you to feel comfortable in our classes. That's why we always show different variations of the individual exercises in all our formats. That way you can adapt the workout to your fitness level. For the PIIT (Pilates Intense Interval Training) classes, a certain amount of stamina of advantage, which is why they are marked with "intermediate" in the timetable – but here too, of course, you can always take breaks or switch to a simpler variations of the exercise.

Previous knowledge of any particular sport is not necessary.


How do your online classes work?

If you are registered for an online class, you will receive a Google Meet link 15 minutes before the start of the workout, via which you can easily join the class. We recommend participating from a laptop or computer. If you want to participate via tablet or mobile phone, you'll need the Hangouts Meet app. Please install it before the class begins.


Can I bring my pet with me?

In fact, we've been asked that more than once. As cute as we find your four-legged friends and believe when you say that they are "quiet and behave anyway", there are still people who have allergies or are afraid of them, so unfortunately that's a no from our side. ;)

All questions answered? We look forward to seeing you in one of our classes soon! You can easily register via the timetable!

Frequently Asked Questions

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